Recently we’ve taken almost all forms of social media away from the teen. (It kills me to call her that in case you are wondering.) Somedays it’s too much for me to handle at 40. I can’t imagine being a teenager again and trying to navigate those waters. I made enough mistakes without it. 

One of the things that I actually LOVE about social media is that I can stay connected with people that I wouldn’t have had the chance to in this weird travel everywhere move every three years military life I live. It’s funny. I find myself because of this blog or Facebook or Instagram… I’m not much of a tweeter (is that even a word?) chatting with people that I haven’t talked to in years like they are sitting out on my lanai. Sometimes we solve world problems, sometimes it’s to commiserate, sometimes it’s to catch up and sometimes it’s to plan tropical vacations. 

We’ve lived in lots of places since graduating from college. It would be very easy for friends to get lost in the shuffle. One of the biggest blessings I have right now is that people turn up on  my little island from time to time and I don’t have to catch up through the computer screen. Recently a friend from high school sent me a note that she would be in town for a short period of time. It’s always fun to give people ideas of where to go or what to do while they’re here. Of course not everyone wants to swim with sharks…(You know I have to bring that up whenever I can.) Sometimes, when I’m really lucky I get to weasel my way into my friends’ vacations. 

Last weekend was one of those moments. A friend from my hometown happened to be spending part of her family’s winter break trying to soak up some sun. We had plenty of sun. We also had rain and some of the coolest temperatures I’ve seen since moving here. That’s kind of a bummer when you’re traveling to a tropical climate. Lucky for me, we got to meet up at one of our favorite local Hawaiian dives for a quick brunch. 

Jenny somehow made her way to the great Northwest after high school. I probably haven’t seen here since around 1990. It was so nice to catch up on everything and meet her great family. We also love introducing people to Hawaiian life. 

Ray took them on a very quick run around Ford Island. I think Gabriel and Bria hit it off. I have no idea what they were chatting about but I suddenly wish I did.

It was great to hang out. I’m already planning her next visit. I’m also hoping for more visitors. Only 18 months left people! We need to make use of this extra room downstairs.

Thanks for visiting Jenny! Hope you get to come back soon!