If you ever happen to find yourself in Kailua on a Tuesday… which has happened to me exactly twice now, make sure you stop my the Kalapawai Cafe. The lunch special is called Da Skinny. It is like my two favorite places collided. It reminds me of me and much lime Da Skinny I am most assuredly not. It really is Kentucky and Hawaii in one giant sandwich.

What is Da Skinny you ask? It starts with a fresh taro roll. They then pile on kalua pork, Monterrey Jack cheese, fresh slaw and enough hot sauce to make you want to slap your Mama. Between the grease, slaw and sauce you’ll soon find a delicious concoction running down your arm.

In case you’ve never been to the islands, kalua pork tastes a lot like the BBQ I grew up on, but it’s chopped much finer. Taro rolls are like potato rolls only I think a tiny bit sweeter and purple. The slaw is the same sort of dressing but there are tiny shards of sweet pepper mixed in with the cabbage and slaw. The hot sauce is hot, sweet and runny.

Oh my good gravy. I don’t even bother with chips. It is that good. Ray likes the fish sandwich too.

No pictures today because I had to kill it quickly. Now I’m off to nap.