I’m all about a good zombie movie although I haven’t started watching that Walking Dead show yet. Anywho… I never know what I’m going to walk into when I take the kids to piano. Today I swear it was all out zombie apocalypse. Let me explain…

We’ve been begging for an earlier time slot due to soccer. I’ve finally squeezed into 3:30 but I really want a 2:30 or 3:00 spot. Today we hit the mother load and got the 3:00 spot thanks to the flu. We arrived with the violin players and took our seats on the floor. That’s when I saw it. Sitting on the toy box staring me straight in the eyes… Zombie cat from hell.

I’m not going to lie. I’m not a cat person on my best day and today…well let’s just say I’m not at 100% anyway. I was completely freaking out and my kids totally knew it. This cat may be alive but I swear it is already decomposing in front of me.

I’ve talked about the cat before. Miss Mo keeps telling me it’s 21 years old. On any given week in the past she’s been known to find her way to my lap.


She was beautiful once… Not so much now.

So as Jack was taking his turn I saw the piano teacher’s littlest girl pick up the cat. It physically hurt me to watch. She walked up the steps, turned and walked to the bottom step and let go. I may have screamed a little. That poor cat. She’s in rough shape. I know it wasn’t a huge drop but holy crap it was hard to watch. As the little girl went to pick her up again, I heard myself say,”wait.” She stopped, looked at me and started up the stairs. I told Momoko Raina had picked the cat up and sort of dropped her. It looked painful. Selfishly I absolutely couldn’t stomach watching it play out again.

That’s when Miss Mo tells us again, “You know she’s 21 years old. She has the cancer, a tumor under her tongue. We grind her food, she no eat. She will die soon. It’s okay.”

Oh my how redneck came out. I asked her why on God’s green earth they don’t take her to the vet and just let her rest. Yep. I’m that person. This cat looks like she aches just to breathe. Her fur is completely gone in spots. Her mane is matted because she clearly aches when they brush her so they’ve stopped. It hurts me to look at her. I guess I’m selfish like that.

I’ve found that things are often lost in translation between me and Momoko. Lost in translation typically means Momoko thinks I’ve lost my ever loving mind. This was one of those times that I clearly crossed that boundary, cultural or not. Momoko sort of looked at me like I was climbing a wall upside down spewing green pea soup and said, “I will keep her in the house until her last breath. She likes piano anyway.”

Good gravy I am feeling like one of my kids when they make me mad and then ask me to brush their hair. I guess I’ll be quiet and try not to make eye contact with zombie cat. I really wish I had never seen World War Z… This is going to be a long lesson.