Someone throw me a line over here. Someone turned  13 and I suddenly don’t know what I’m doing. Wait. Who am I kidding? I never knew what I was doing but it seems to get exponentially worse when they become teenagers. 

How on earth do you keep up with the songs, music, social media…plus friends at school, friends at church, friends at soccer… What happens when there are two of them in the house in just over a year? Then there’s homework, projects and band. It’s not my schedule and it looks a little daunting. To top it off she has the worst example in the WORLD for putting first things first. That would be me in case you’re wondering. 

And the clothes… I think it would be hard to keep them modest on the mainland. In Hawaii… holy freaking is that floss or a bikini Batman? Yesterday she mentioned wanting to buy herself a shirt that said, “You’re So Fake Barbie’s Jealous.” Clever. Wait. Am I supposed to discourage that kind of attitude? I don’t even know. If at 40 I second guess and can’t decide what’s appropriate how is she supposed to?

If you have answers…throw them my way. PLEASE!!!