There are lots of things about today that I will probably want to forget. Arleigh is getting braces on her top teeth. Jack called me a stinky butt when I got home from bootcamp. He was correct! This time last year we were getting ready for Grandma! Hanan has changed her clothes 353 times before lunch. Brushing out Bria’s hair comes to mind.

The one thing that I don’t want to forget about today is waking up. Bria was grinning from ear to ear. She asked, “What do I have to do get a day with my name so no one has to go to school?”

“Well, you could do something extraordinary for your country, but not just your country to help people all over the world and they would give you a day.”

She looked me square in the eye and said, “And die. I would have to die right?” 

Yes, Bria that would probably help but let’s not try that today okay?

This child is going to kill me!