I’m asked lots of things every day. Hello, I have four kids not to mention that my name is Brandi Stiff. If I stopped to think about it, there is no telling what I could come up with to tell you. Yesterday a couple of questions stood out in my mind.

A long time ago (like 16-17 years ago) a very dear friend asked me how to bake a potato. Today she might as well be Pioneer Woman without the blog. I never thought I’d hear another crazy cooking question like that. Yesterday I was at a birthday party for the kids’ sweet little buddy that’s turning 3. I walked in still in my soccer gear to be surrounded by a bunch of 20somethings. I was TOTALLY out of place. I’ve hosted parties like that. It was funny because one of my kids walked over and said, “Mom, I think this birthday party is for the adults.” I think she was right. Just as I was really feeling like the really old soccer mom in the room, my neighbor pulled me aside and asked, “Do you know how to cook corn?” 

Of course I’m going through my head wondering what on earth she was talking about that could be so difficult. She must want to fry it or something. Nope. There were several ears of corn on the cob in a giant pot. Bless her. I can see my Gran wringing her hands on her apron right now. 

We left the party abruptly because my sweet husband bought some Pro Bowl tickets for the whole family on Craigslist. We had to run to another side of the island to pick them up. We arrived and I got my second greatest question of the day. She opened the door and asked Ray, “Are you from the south?” He said, “Yes, ma’am. How did you know? I didn’t know I still had an accent after all these years.” 

The sweet lady grinned and said, “It was the ‘ma’am…only southerners and Filipinos do that.” That gave me a good giggle all the way home. 

I’m wondering what questions you’ve been asked lately.