I have never been a glass half full verses glass half empty kind of girl. I’m more of a where’s my freakin’ drink… um never mind. I was thinking today that there are several ways to look at the things happening in my life right now. Here is how I see it.

Bad News: I had to go to the dentist today. 

Good News: I learned that my cheek can actually fold behind my ear if you make a slight incision at the corner of my mouth.


Bad News: Apparently my dentist thought I needed to have my fillings replaced.

Good News: We have okay dental insurance…AKA better than none. Keep repeating better than none… 


Bad News: Between a hike up Koko Head and leg day at boot camp, I may need help to sit down on a potty.

Good News: I got to see this…

Bad News: One day off during soccer season and I’m once again scaling the summit Mount Washmore that would rival Kilimanjaro. 

Good News: I have a washer and dryer, laundry soap and the memory that I have more laundry because I get to do things like this.

And watch things like this..


Bad News: World War Three is quickly escalating in our family room all due to the fact that multiple projects are due at school. Everyone needs to use the computer and printer RIGHT FREAKING NOW MAN! 

Good News: Tomorrow is aloha Friday and all projects will be turned in whether they are ready or not…including these 100 Day Beauties


Bad News: We have dueling start times to soccer games on Saturday and assigned snacks for one team.

Good News: Both games are early and that leaves us the rest of Saturday…


Bad News: It’s supposed to start raining sometime tomorrow and not stop until Wednesday.

Good News: It’s rain not snow and the temp will still be above 75 degrees so what if I need a hoody. 


Bad News: I am the worst mother in the world. I was asked to order and pick up pictures for one of those pesky projects. I actually heard, “You forgot didn’t you? I knew you would forget! You didn’t even order them did you?” Oh yeah, it was an ugly and angry as it sounds.

Good News: I did order the dam  the fabulous pictures taken for a science fair. I just didn’t pick them up but I still had time to pick them so there! 


Bad News: I had nothing to fix for dinner.

Good News: I had to order hot dogs for Bingo night at the school allowing me time to pick up a pizza for the kids. I also had a gift certificate for Dixie Grill. With a teen in the house ready to baby sit to earn her keep, Ray and I got to enjoy the gift certificate and discuss some grown up matters. 


Bad News: The kid sitting directly behind Ray at dinner was screaming blood curdling murder. 

Good News: It was not my kid! 


Bad News: As I watched that kid scream and thrash and heard his mother say, “Why are you doing this to me?” I almost had that oh I seriously miss that age moment.

Good News: I came quickly to my senses. 


Bad News: As I was conveying and adoption related story at dinner, Ray misunderstood what I was saying and nearly had a nervous breakdown induced heart attack. 

Good News: It was only a misunderstanding…that I will now have in my pocket to hold over his head. I’m evil like that. 


Bad News: Tomorrow is Bingo Night at school. This is seriously bad news. I HATE Bingo Night. HATE IT!!!

Good News: It will be over at this time tomorrow night. It is the ONLY Bingo night I agreed to host this year. 


I think that’s it. That’s probably enough. Just a little insight into what goes through my mind on any given day. Scared yet?