When I look around it’s pretty apparent that things change quickly. My kids are growing up fast. We don’t have babies anymore. Yes, sometimes it makes me sad but I am really trying to soak them in right now because they are all so much fun. Considering the fact that I can’t remember what to buy at the grocery store, when my next doctor appointment is or heaven forbid keep up the wacky soccer schedule without the help of a computer, I thought I should write down a few of the things that I heard them say this weekend. You know for posterity. There were good moments, funny moments and so true it hurts moments. I want to remember them all.

“Mom! That is too much pressure!” 

“You know, maybe pressure helps. I scored a goal.”

“That’s not mine.”

“I didn’t make that mess.”

“Mom, I’m gonna be a star!” (Followed by a lovely rendition of If You’re Happy And You Know It.)

“You are doing the same thing that you just told Hanan not to do!” 

“Mom, Jack sad….because chocolate jealous.”

“I don’t want to be in band!” 

“My foot tipped the ball in their goal. I don’t think it should count.”

“You really need to change your Facebook status to wish your future son-in-law a Happy Birthday!” 

“Ugh!!! A gecko just ran over my foot! It was in my shoe!”

“Can I get Katie?”

“Can I jump on the trampoline?” (It’s not our trampoline.)

“Can I ___________”

“I don’t want to __________”

“Mom! Hanan…..”

“Mom! Bria…..”

“Mom! Jack…..”

“Mom! Arleigh …..”

In other news I didn’t realize that tattling never ever ever stops but they sure have an understanding of being ratted out as they get older. Have a happy Monday!