Yesterday was President’s Day. Ray and I joined about 25,000 other people to run from the Aloha Tower in Honolulu to the Aloha Stadium smack in the middle of my little part of the island. It’s 8.25 or so miles. I had been told it was a super fun race with lots to see. I had a good time running with Ray and feeling the sense of accomplishment. We have another half coming up in April. I did not prepare for this race. I have plantar fasciitis. I didn’t train like I should have. This morning, I’m paying for it.

As I sit feeling like I’ve been hit by a dump truck, I thought I’d share a few of the things I may or may not have uttered during and after the race starting with my Facebook status.

“I’m suddenly wondering why I paid to wake up before 4, ride a bus and wait over an hour to run 8 miles.”

“Look at the Balloon Dragon.”

“Her tights look like Mr. Goodbody.”

“How much further?”

“The rain is killing me.”

“I may throw up.”

“Hey there’s _____.” Seriously in 25,000 people gathered in one place on an island you’ll bump into a few people you know. Most of them may or may not have been passing me I’m so slow.

“I’m walking up that hill.”

“How much further?”

As we entered the stadium parking lot and then proceeded to run around it, “Where the hell is the finish!?!” 

I finished. In fact I finished more than 15 minutes faster than I thought I would knowing I was struggling with heel pain and basically ignored training except for boot camp. I’m happy to be done and sore. I’m incredibly sore. 

Here are the finishing pictures I shared on Facebook. 

I have to say, it’s awesome to run across the finish line with Ray and have friends waiting for you. I guess I’ll do it again.