Oh when you live in Hawaii it can be shocking to see what people where. Apparently appropriate is, much like beauty, in the eye of the beholder. 

This is my place to vent. I’m passing on a story that isn’t mine, but I think it’s perfectly appropriate to talk about here. Funny that I chose that word…appropriate. 

I have three girls, one teen, one tween and one who thinks she must be queen. Appropriate apparel comes up in our conversations ALOT. I was the person who told a neighborhood teenager that if her vagina was hanging out, her shorts were probably too short. I once told a dad that if he really thought his daughter might be ready for a strip club that he was definitely ready to tell her to change her clothes so her butt wouldn’t hang out. Well, maybe I just said to tell her to change her darn clothes. 

Yesterday I heard about a neighborhood conversation. One of the people in my ‘hood think that the clothing worn around the neighborhood at our boot camp class isn’t appropriate. Huh? I can tell you that not once have I seen a boob or a butt. One day my t-shirt did shoe a grotesque amount of never seen the sun white belly during a weird pike push up but whatever. 

This is a picture of my trainer wearing pretty much what she wears to our class. Check out those quads man. I’m jealous and fully aware that I like to eat and hate to run. But seriously, she is straight up awesome!

Here another outtake from Monday’s race.

My new trainer is in the middle my old trainer is on the far right. (I love these ladies!)

This happens to be a picture of my “McGrew Crew” on our old trainer’s last day a little over a month ago.

We live in Hawaii. It is often hot and steamy even at 8:30 in the morning. I am not rushing to get the bleach for my eyes over any one of these ladies. Am I crazy? Am I missing something? Yep. Running shorts are short…and lined. 

I have found myself acting as the clothing police… clearly telling my neighbor’s children what to wear or more likely not wear. I’m rethinking this though. Maybe my views are off. Who gets to say what’s appropriate? Where do we draw the line? Sometimes in my own house the line is so fine you need a microscope to see it.

Let me know your thoughts…PLEASE.