So my weekend included a soccer game where a parent from the other team showed her rear so bad I contacted the group coordinator for the league. Now that I think about it. I know she was trying to be a mama bear but I think she just wanted the attention. Well sister, you got it! At the same game Bria collided with another kid and I thought she might have a concussion. She went on to play all four quarters. I let Arleigh go to the mall with a group of friends WITHOUT ME for the first time. Apparently we are adding guitar lessons to our bill because I got that tacked on the end of piano this week. Arleigh babysat Friday and Saturday. Friday night she didn’t come home until 1:30. On Saturday it was a more reasonable 11:30. I need to start babysitting. She made some serious cash. Hanan had a series of meltdowns. (Of course you know that if you read my last post.) There was a potty accident. I was a surprise helper in Wee-Worship. Hanan scored a goal that got called back over someone else’s foul…I think. Ray was at that game. Bria scored three. Arleigh’s schedule is still not out. Bria and I went to World Thinking Day after the longest soccer game in U6 history. I like ginger beer. Who knew? I had four girls making Elizabethan shortbread in my kitchen yesterday. I don’t always understand school projects. I think it was an excuse for a trip to the mall. 

Did you get all that? I’m not quite sure I did either. I told someone this morning that this was the first Monday that I can remember that I was happy the weekend was over. 

I’ve already had an email from someone’s teacher and we have dueling soccer practices tonight too, so I’m probably putting the cart before the horse but whatever.

How was your weekend? Send me some aloha would ya?