Bria is a never ending source for blog material. Like last week, at a particularly cringe worthy soccer game where she played all four quarters. It was cringe worthy…blog rant worthy for many reasons but this isn’t about that. Little bit was so tired in the fourth quarter that she booted the ball on a kickoff into the goal. It wasn’t touched by anyone. The best part was the look on her face. She is pretty good about following a ball. She was so tired she just kicked it with the pure intent of it going in so she wouldn’t have to take another step. Of course it doesn’t count when you do that on a kickoff but I dare you to tell her that. 

She plays hard. We joke about her beast button. If anyone makes her mad, she goes 100% harder. Unfortunately last week that resulted in two separate collisions. One gave her a fat lip…


The other had me watching her for signs of a concussion. Good grief kid. Grandma keeps saying that she reminds her of someone. I have no idea what she’s talking about.

This week at soccer it was wet. Bria was…shall we say, vertically challenged. She slid. She slid on both knees. She kicked it out from slides. It was DRIVING ME CRAZY. Toward the end of the game she was close enough for me to say, “Bria, why are you sliding? Stay up!” She just gave me the grin. One of the Dads said, “What are you going to do when she’s 10?” Truthfully I have been more worried about 15 and thought I had some time but OH CRAP! I’m not sure. Then from behind, I heard two guys. “Number 5 kicked it from the half line last week and scored.” Well, technically she didn’t score… BUT THAT WAS MY KID. 

Bria is currently outside with Arleigh’s old skateboard. Don’t tell Arleigh but it makes a pretty good riding device to jump the speed bump on our street. Yes, she’s wearing a helmet. At six, it would never have crossed Arleigh’s mind to play with a skateboard much less use it as a launching device. Tricare (Our military insurance) never saw us coming. 

At the recent Girl Scout World Thinking Day, Bria wasn’t afraid to try anything…especially Korean sweet cakes.



Did I ever tell the story of how she got herself into the Daisies without me signing her up? Yep. There was also the free tennis lesson… Tennis is taught in our neighborhood. She decided to follow her friend down a couple of weeks ago to “watch.” I was outside and Bria comes running up, grabs her running shoes and a tennis racket. She got the coach to let her try a lesson for free. She is now confined close to home on Tuesday nights. 

For all of her courage, like most super heros she has one fatal flaw. Her kryptonite is sleep. She wants to crawl in my bed every night. We have a king sized bed. This would be no big deal as she is the only one of four kids with this problem if she didn’t insist on sleeping on top of every cover, continuously kicking you while simultaneously flopping from her belly to her back like a fish out of water. Do you have any idea what it’s like have a six year old be so sweet and so diabolical? It is torture. I just tell myself that this is God’s way of reminding me that I don’t need another baby. Sleep deprivation is used as a torture device for a reason. Last night Ray had to go back to work. I was busy rushing kids off to baths and beds. He was telling Bria goodnight and she looked and said, “See you on the mattress later!” Good grief!

She definitely keeps me on my toes…and running! Of course nights like this never hurt. IMG_2265