Just when you were getting used to hearing about all our adventures on the Big Island, I’m interrupting this blog to tell you about April Fool’s Day. You know every year I mention 2008 when I started pranking my children. It was epic! The best one ever! I will never be able to top it because now, they know it’s coming. How can you beat this? Hanan has never forgiven me for giving her a meatloaf cupcake. She also didn’t forgive me for putting a Cheetos bag full of carrots in her lunch. The cruelty! The next year, I just gave them the Cheetos. Then there was last year when I told them I was taking them to Auulani, The Disney resort. April is the month of the military child after all. They were going to get to go to an R5 concert and maybe even meet them. Okay, that was admittedly a little cruel but so funny. 

This year the kids were on to me. No one but Jack wanted to pack a lunch. I was a little worried about tricking him at lunch anyway. I planned a nice little picnic at Dog Beach instead. I tried to act like I was being all sneaky. Of course, they peaked in the picnic basket and were delighted to see 4 bottles of sprite. I NEVER buy soda. They beg for it. It’s probably something I will regret. They are going to be addicted as adults. Anyway, as I filled their plates I started to explain that I had planned on telling them how I wanted to trick them into thinking I forgot to pack drinks and I was going to surprise them with Sprite. (This was Ray’s idea.) The little stinkers peeked so there went my April Fool’s. They were pretty happy with the situation until they gulped at the Sprite and discovered water instead. 

The sun was behind them. You know the beautiful, glorious sunset that I am going to miss so much… oh sorry. Anyway, the picture wasn’t so great. As a surprise I whipped out tiny cans of Sierra Mist as a peace offering. 

Moments later the kids and Tucker were in the water running off the soda. About five minutes later, the beach was closed as a precaution for the possible tsunami. Leave it to a bunch of Stiffs to get kicked off the beach… 

I hope it was one more April Fool’s day that they’ll remember.