Let me start by saying I’ve had a difficult time writing this. It’s like when your kid gets picked for the varsity team and your best friend’s kid gets bumpkus. I really, really want to shout from the roof tops about how proud I am of my husband. At the same time, it seems…well, not exactly the most compassionate reaction. My best friend might not care if I bragged about my excitement and what my child accomplished. If it hurt her even a little would it be worth it? 

That is the question. So I’ve written and rewritten. I frankly don’t have time for this anymore. (In other news I think the extra sensitive chip my children came with is apparently genetic.) So for all of our peeps outside of the navy… I’d like to share with you that my husband is now a Captain select. That means at some point a long time from now, he will be a Captain in the United States Navy. I love him and I’m very, very proud. I could wax on poetically for a long time. In fact I have and just deleted it. One of the things that I love about Ray most is that he knows I’m proud of his service and really doesn’t need me to say a thing. 

So we had our moment… a quick lunch date and discussion about our future. It also included the fact that we aren’t going to celebrate this accomplishment until he puts on the pin. Then Katie bar the door! Let me also say, it’s a funny system. Some really stellar officers didn’t see their name on that list. It is all still bitter sweet.

I guess I just did what I didn’t want to do. I bragged. Can you blame me?