So my buddy says she needs a 6th man for a race to pull a firetruck. I tell her I had a super busy day but let me see what I could do. Then I looked up the details. Each person on the team had to bench press 250 pounds… As many times as they could. Um… No deal! What the heck? My feet are already giving me trouble there is no way I could bench that without an injury!

I send her a note. I can’t bench 250 pounds. She sends me a note. We are ONLY pulling the firetruck. Well okay then. She gets me a shirt. I went to Bootcamp. I rushed late to the PTA luncheon. I got to the gym.

I walked in and heard “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” As someone else handed me a clipboard and said I have to write down my weight. I though that was the sorry. I was standing with 3 Bootcamp trainers. I’m pretty sure I doubled their weight in most incidences. But nooooo. “We have to bench press but instead of 250 it’s half our weight.”

Oh my good gravy! What!?! I stood there in a state shock and was ushered to a bench where it was suddenly decided that 55 pounds was it. Honestly no I can’t remember if it was 26 or 29 but either way I held my own and did more than my fair share of bench presses. I may have also looked at the young girls on my team and been a bit envious at the bar just seemed to spring off their perky boobs. Meanwhile I had to ask the spotter to move over in case he was standing on one of mine…

Then it was off to the firetruck. So a bunch of ladies are supposed to pull a fire truck across a parking lot. Apparently I exaggerate so I won’t guess how far we pulled it but at about the halfway point there was an incline.

I certainly felt like Wonder Woman when we were finished!

And for my effort… I got this lovely first place team trophy for about 15 seconds.


Sweet! Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day to me.

I finished my day by cleaning up at the PTA luncheon and then hosting an Initial Outfitters party. I was a little exhausted by the time I climbed into bed.