So one of my kids sat down at the computer a few days ago. I was trying to throw dinner together. “You haven’t written anything since May 12 Mom!” What? Really?

Here’s the deal. It’s PCS season. My kids are upset that their friends are moving. I’m upset that my friends are moving. It was the end of the school year. Do you know how I feel about the end of the school year? It’s worse than preparing for Christmas! Now the kids are home. One wants to meet up with her friends. Another is inviting friends over to swim. Then there is Bria. She can’t quite decide if she wants to move into Katey’s house or if Katey should move in here. I don’t feel like writing. I worry about Mom. I worry about Ned. I worry about our next duty station. I worry about Ray worrying about our next duty station. I don’t want to leave but the thought of the majority of the rest of our friends packing up and leaving at the same time and we’ll still be here… that’s no good either. 

So lots of things have happened since May 12. There was an anniversary (19 years!) I became and independent consultant for Initial Outfitters. Hanan was bumped up to play with Arleigh’s soccer team. I ran the Makahikki. I got ridiculously sick from running the Makahikki. Hanan graduated from sixth grade. That’s a big old deal here in Hawaii. Jack got both his front teeth knocked out at a soccer game when he walked in front of a swing while we were sitting up our chairs. Mother of the year right here! Today the kids and I will leaving for Kentucky. 

I think I might need to pack. In the meantime here’s a picture of the spaces…