I haven’t been writing. I know. Obviously right? I can’t seem to tell you about my lack of a hurricane or that I made another trip out to Shark’s Cove when I know how much everyone is suffering in Golo. Ned is dying. It’s clearly visible now. Where to the point when I discuss with Mom almost hourly if I should purchase a plane ticket. And so it seems harsh to write a post about how much Ray is traveling or the fact that we are enjoying the company of a new puppy. (Some more than others…Tucker.) I don’t want anyone to assume or presume or you know basically call me out on a written word based on a misinterpretation. I know because I’m guilty of doing just that. 

This morning I woke up 5-6 hours behind most of you to check in on Ned. Before long texts started coming. Just this morning I heard about two other deaths. Ray’s uncle passed away over the weekend. A friend’s mother has a similar diagnosis to what Ned is suffering from. I just want to skip bootcamp and take the Jeep up to the North Shore and stick my head in the sand. It’s too much. People I love are hurting. I can’t write about soccer and piano and Mount Washmore while I’m so far away and I can’t do anything to help.

As I sat in the car line this morning, I was thinking about what I would tell my friend about this ugly disease. What could I say that would help her? There are lots of little things that might help her mom handle the treatment better but this is what I really need to say.

Don’t waste one second. Tell everyone you love them, especially your Mom. Don’t wait to do something you’ve always wanted to do. You don’t need a new car or a new purse. Use your budget up making memories. Life is like running a marathon (or a half in my case if we’re talking about experience.) You can’t sprint from the start but don’t slow your pace too much. The slower you go, the harder it is to pick up the pace. If you slow down too much, you’ll lose it. That doesn’t mean you can’t stop to appreciate things. Because in my mind, that’s part of running this race. I just know I have to stay active with my kids so that I can stay active longer. Oh good grief! I feel like Charlie Brown. I need Lucy because I’m not making much sense.

Here’s what we need to know. Hold the ones you love tight. Make memories now. Have your grand adventure NOW. You never know when you won’t have a right now.