I know. I’m awful. I promise to post and then I don’t. I’m sneaking in a few seconds on this lazy Saturday afternoon. Here’s what’s been happening.

I finally got Mom out here but it felt like the time was way too short. A bit of a fiasco at the airport led to arriving sans luggage. That meant lots of shopping. There is now a rubbermaid filled with summer clothes awaiting her return and a filled suitcase that I borrowed from her at her house. I am seriously envious of a Hawaiian quilt she totally scored at the Swap Meet… 

Mom supposedly got to see me surf. The truth is, we were so far out, she didn’t know who was who. I’m pretty sure she napped after she took the first picture. Wait… she was resting her eyes. 

Grandma also got the new iPhone. It’s the bonus of being a frazzled mess and leaving your phone in the car for a long trip half way around the world. Funny thing is she got it the very day that so many people were waiting in line for it. Luck of the draw I guess. 

We had almost nightly shows of the Blue Angels right above my house. It was insane.

Grandma even caught this picture from my front porch

We had a really great extended week that wasn’t long enough. I promise more on that later. 

I’ve had one child making her own Halloween decorations because I didn’t decorate quite fast enough for her.

We’ve celebrated having Jack home for three years. More on that later too. 

Nana has arrived. We are entering Fall Break. We plan a trip to the west side of the island soon. Soccer is still happening. We are taking a brief piano hiatus while our teacher travels to Japan. Then there’s the middle school dance. A boy that I don’t know called one of my daughters cute. I’m not sure how I feel about that. I know she’s more than cute, but I’m just not ready for the drama of what to wear and that boy and that song and that… Mama needs a drink and it’s three in the afternoon. 

Clearly I have so many things to document and no time to document it… I’ll try. Promises…promises…