Yesterday was one of those days. Nana was making preparations for her flight home and my kids were… well let’s just say less than their stellar selves. I may or may not have considered at one point that one in particular might have been possessed. I have a busy weekend, a todo list roughly 10,000 miles along, the prospect of a weekend hurricane which has blessedly moved south but I wasn’t so sure of that yesterday. I was in the middle of a discussion with a teacher. I’m not completely onboard with a particular policy she has, especially when so much of my child’s grade will hinge on the project the policy applies to. I respect it though and had to convince a very weary middle schooler that it would not be the end of her middle school career.

I was done. I had cried a little but felt like I could cry a lot. It’s hard when your kids aren’t acting like your kids. It’s really hard when it’s so bad you stop to consider if they might be demon possessed. It’s ridiculous hard when you stand in a doorway with your mouth hanging open wondering how on earth you are supposed to act like a grown up and be a parent when you have no idea how in that situation not to lose it. Basically I was thick in the middle of Alexander’s No Good Horrible Terrible Very Bad Day. I wanted my Mom! Surely that saint of a woman could handle things better than I am.

I got my own version of a Mom time out. I tucked little people in bed and left Arleigh babysitting and went with Ray to take Nana to the airport and pick up a lightbulb for my kitchen. I know…our date nights are totally the bomb dot com! (Should that have been I got home, kissed Arleigh goodnight and went upstairs to check on my little people. I asked Arleigh why she hadn’t gone on to bed, she was tired. “The house just seems creepy tonight.” I should’ve known it was foreshadowing…

Bria just got a new doorbell for her room. She LOVES it. Little doorbell button is outside her door so her brother and sisters have to ring it before entering. It’s attached to a flashing dinging butterfly that she got to decorate inside her room. I’m standing in the hall having a conversation with Hanan. No one else is anywhere. Jack is in bed. Bria is sound asleep. Arleigh is off to bed and Ray is installing a kitchen light. The doorbell starts to flash and ring. I quickly check on Bria. She sleeps through it. Weird but I thought the batteries are probably already dying they ring that thing ALL THE TIME.

Finally, I got downstairs and fall into my favorite cushion on the sofa. It’s a joke in my house. I am Sheldon. (Big Bang reference.) I was sitting there all of two seconds when my cell phone started ringing. No one calls my cell after 7. I might get a text. I purchased new phones for the house because my old one was broken and Ray had just installed them. My cell phone said our home phone was calling. I’ve yelled at Ray for hours but he swears he wasn’t messing with me.

Oh the dreams I had last night! Mom says that Tye was messing with me to tell me to get over my Terrible No Good Horrible Very Bad day. If he has to do that, it’s awesome. He just needs to materialize so I can punch him and get on with my day. Hope it was you Tye. I could use the laugh!