I just thought I’d write down a few things I remember from last week but it runs out of my head with all the other brain ooze…

“If you have to ask me if you look like a stripper your clothes are probably not appropriate,” is something that came out of my mouth.

It’s been early week for Bria and Jack due to conferences. I was talking to Mom on the phone. She happened to ask what time it was. Nonchalantly I said 1. Then I said something that may or may not have included a curse word. “Oh no! I was supposed to pick up Bria and Jack at 1.” It was the one time I was thankful that the car line was horrifically long. Also…I was not the last car…by a long shot.

Arleigh won most original costume at a Halloween party. She was Kim Possible.

I love Halloween here because you are never ever too told to dress up and have a good time. (Not really last week but that whole party thing made me think I should write it down for posterity.)

One of those early days I took Bria and Jack to Target. I parked beside a cart corral. I’m still the mom that insists Jack stay in the seat and Bria stays in the basket. I’m also the Mom that will purchase cherry icees to ensure that they stay there. (Maybe even a cookie to split if I’m in a good mood.) Bria was pretty excited. I was helping Jack out of the car and noticed out of the corner of my eye as she climbed the coral and jumped into a basket. There was a enough force provided that the cart shook it’s self out of the corral and was ever so slowly rolling down the aisle like she was driving a car. I should also note that I park on the second floor of Target where no one ever parks so she was safe. She was also slightly horrified that was nearly peed my pants and as she very slowly rolled away. Maybe you had to be there but it was one of those things that will stick in my mind to tell her children. Arleigh and Hanan would NEVER think of climbing a cart corral. I probably would never let them.

We got to enjoy friends from Virginia for an entire week. I even got to go to one of my favorite tourist locations… Tropical Nut Farm before the hurricane hit. It was wet. I forgot the camera. I did get this. It may or may not be a sneak preview of our Christmas card. If it weren’t for Arleigh’s socks… Mom, you can stop praying for my comeuppance anytime.

We got a new neighbor. He is in an exchange program from Japan. He asked me to call him Pepsi. I love him! He is so much fun and so sweet. Bria says he’s so nice that things must be different in Japan.

Hanan has joined the cheer team. She is also loving drama. She was on the makeup committee for a bit learning about zombie makeup. She’s since switched to lights and the fog machine. Yesterday I took a nap. I woke up to this…

It’s not her best work but her sister loved being the guinea pig with a little liquid eye liner and a huge desire to turn into a bunny for the afternoon.

Mom arrived Sept. 18. Today is the first day that I haven’t had an extra person in my house since then. The big girls had their last soccer game of the Fall season on Saturday. Dare I say that might leave me a few extra seconds in a day?

I also started reading this…

It is worth every second of your time. I can already tell that I need to reread parts of it and I’m barely into it. Here’s a little more about it.

I think I’ll leave you with that. Here’s hoping I’m back to writing daily tomorrow. Arleigh keeps saying 30 days to make a habit… we’ll see.