When I was a kid, one of my prize possessions was a pair of Wonder Woman underoos. I loved those things. In fact I remember mom being mortified when I wore the way too small pair to a doctor appointment. I also happened to get a shot in the bum that day I swore the underoos helped. I still have aspirations of being an Amazonian warrior princess who saves the world. Oh snap! I guess that’s where Bria gets it from…

This week, the real Wonder Woman went down…hard. I’ve joked about her walking softly and carrying a big stick. (a giant plastic bat that she thinks will fend off an attacking dog) I’ve talked about how she’s always there when I or anyone else for that matter needs her. This week, I’m thankful Nana Bonnie found her underoos and is taking care of my super hero, the person that Ray regularly calls a saint and my kids call Grandma.


When Dad died Mom started walking. She walked 6 miles daily and at that time could easily lap me. She met Ned, moved to Golo and her walking turned into walking up and down a driveway and when that got boring she started walking her 6 miles down country roads. That’s brought out the Beauton Wheeler in me. (My Gran and an avid worry wart.) I’ve begged her to find her aloha walking on a treadmill but she’ll have none of a massive piece of equipment ruining the decor. Mom… I know now what you really need for Christmas! 

So, I called Mom on Monday morning because my uncle had been in the hospital. She was walking and I could immediately tell something was wrong. At her 3 mile mark where she turns around to walk back home she fell. She didn’t know why or what happened but she fell. She knew her arm was hurt. She was walking home. Again… I totally turn into Beauton Wheeler. I wanted to call someone and have them get her. She just let her arm hang and trudged home praying it was a sprain. 

To cut the story, she decided to lie down and rest. It never got better so my other hero, Nana Bonnie took her to the ER. It’s broken. Actually, it’s her elbow and it’s a pretty bad break. Grandma needs surgery. I am in Hawaii. Can you tell I’m losing my mind? I’m also ready for Mom to slow the heck down and stop giving me things to worry about. I’m really over the whole parent/child role reversal. 

Yesterday I called. Mom and Aunt Bonnie were hatching a plan to take the trash down her long driveway because it was raining. There was something about Mom driving a car with one hand while Aunt Bonnie held the can rolling it from the back of her hatchback. That’s when I begged them to call Chase and threatened to do it myself. I seriously can’t afford another emergency trip home people. 

So today, I’m heading to Jack’s IEP which is never an easy day. I’m worried about an upcoming surgery and supremely thankful to Aunt Bonnie for being there when I can’t. There is a price to be paid for living in paradise sometimes I wonder if it’s worth it.