So as it turns out, you can put Humpty Dumpty together again…when it’s and elbow and you have a steel rod, steel ball and surgical precision. Who cares is you knick a nerve or two? Well, I do but anyway… Mom is out of surgery. Prayers were answered. It wasn’t as great as we had hoped but it could be SO MUCH WORSE. So we’re thankful this morning to just be on the road to recovery. It was quite the trek to get there. 

I’m sorry I wasn’t there to help in the days before the surgery. I’m sorry I wasn’t there to hang out in the waiting room with our family. I’m sorry I won’t be there to help her when she goes home in a good bit of pain. What I’m really sorry about though is that I totally missed it when she came out of the recovery room. Someone really should’ve videoed it. I’m quite certain we would have won the $100,000 on America’s Funniest Videos. As a side note I had no idea that Tom Selleck was available to drive her home. 

There have been so many people that have helped Mom over the past well, two plus years. They’ve stood in the gap for me. Just this past week my aunt moved in with Mom to help her out with all her daily tasks. My cousin showed up to mow the yard. It’s no small task. She brought dinner and then helped my aunt clean the pond house. People are stopping by to visit, bringing gifts and food. All when the only thing I can do is pick up the phone. Sigh. Please know it is all appreciated. I don’t always do hugs and I want to hug your neck! 

A little while ago, Mom and I were having one of our daily talks. I was venting to her. It seems I’m aggravated a lot lately. She texted me a quote she found. “One of the most important things I’ve learned in life is to ignore most of what people say. I watch what they do.” I’ve been watching. I’ve been blessed, as Mom has by your actions. Thank you. 

In other news, I was stewing on an entire blog post about that quote but I was afraid I would make people mad. Then I realized you might ignore what I say and watch what I do… So I’m choosing to keep my mouth shut and I’ll go try to be the aloha for someone else instead.

One last thing… bless my sweet mama’s heart… 

She calls around homework almost every day. Bria reads to her on FaceTime. Yesterday she was a bit loopy and probably in a good bit of pain although she kept talking about how floppy her arm was and she still called them! 

I just love my Mom!