Big news in the Stiff house! Bria can no longer channel Nanny McPhee…

After what seems like months of a new tooth growing in way the heck behind a baby tooth, Bria finally lost the one that was sticking straight out of her mouth. Hip Hip Hooray! In even bigger news our slacker tooth fairy even remembered to come on the first night the tooth was pulled. That friends, is nothing short of MIRACULOUS!!!

So here’s what happened. I was doing my best to wrestle with a rug I was cleaning. Our windows are open and I hear Bria and the one and only BFF Katey running at the front of the house. Katey is yelling “She’s bleeding! She’s bleeding!” That is never a good sign. 

Bria walks in grinning from ear to ear with a mouthful of blood. This might make other parents cringe but I learned from the master. “Don’t stand on the carpet!” That’s a line Mom said once when I drug Tye in from an accident with a can lid. Plus I had just cleaned it. Anyway… Shockingly there is a still that darn tooth in her mouth. I asked what happened. Bria went to Katey’s door and the dog jumped at just the right time. Bria’s mouth and the screen door collided. It must not have been too hard because she wasn’t crying. She wanted to get the tooth herself but the precarious procedure had to be performed in a bathroom in front of a mirror. Clearly she needed the mirror so she could witness firsthand her gruesome work. 

She pulled it out and placed it in the ziplock bag for all the world to see…well, the kids in our neighborhood anyway. 

In other news, I’m taking a collection for her braces. That kid’s mouth is a hot mess!