I’ve had many misadventures in Hawaii with critters. There have been scorpions and blind snakes and my personal favorite because they have a way of appearing…the centipede. You may remember this post about the centipede on my leg. I can now tell one better… there was a centipede ON MY HEAD! This tale will certainly give me nightmares for weeks. 

First let me set the scene… dear friends have retired from military life and started their retirement on this island. (I’m not jealous at all…if my kids wanted to stay here I could be perfectly content. Apparently I’m the only one who turned local in this house and I refuse to live a world away from my soon to be heading to college and away from my children. Insert long sigh here.) Anyway, we got to head over to an open house for their retirement. It was lovely. They have a gorgeous home on a hill with a beautiful view of the ocean. (Again. I’m telling myself I’m not jealous. I almost hear my mother saying something like “thou doest protest too much!”) We headed over in the Jeep at sunset. I’m telling you all this so you know my hair was a hot mess. Basically it was a shorter more damaged version of Bria’s hair when she wakes up. There are tangles that it takes me weeks to get out after a Jeep ride. I just call it my curly beach hair and move along. 

I’m getting to the point… it’s around here somewhere. We are standing on the lawn with friends chatting about how different life will be this time next year. They were talking about less traffic. I was bemoaning less surfing opportunities. I felt something hit my head. My first reaction was that it was probably a gecko. I swatted at my head and couldn’t feel anything. I ran my fingers through my too tangled mop a couple of times. Nothing. Then movement. Just as I was complaining about there being something in my hair, my friend had a well, very startled look on her face. She was pointing at my shirt. I started swatting before I even realized what it was. She was using her glass…I think… it is all a little blurry…to knock it off my shirt. Suddenly there was a centipede quickly crawling back toward my bare feet. OH MY GOOD GRAVY Y’ALL!!! There was a centipede on my head, then just above my left boob, then ready to pounce at my feet. I’m so very thankful that the third time wasn’t the charm for that little booger. 

My friends and I moved to the well lit porch area where we stayed for the rest of the party. I have to say I’m proud of myself for 1. not screaming like a little girl and 2. not peeing my pants. Had it actually bit me I’m pretty sure both would have happened along with tears. 

Ray says it was so HUGE I had nothing to worry about. The smaller ones have more venom. I say smarty pants has never had a centipede land on his head!