Our church needs to raise $1 million very quickly. It’s a long Hawaiian/Naval history story. Made short, navy owns the land. They need to sell it. The church needs to buy it or relocate. Yard sale it is! Maybe it’s a short story made long. Anyway, I started cleaning out the kids’ rooms.

As I started with Bria’s. (Also as far as I got.) I realized our kids have a lot of crap. In fact they have so much crap, they don’t even know what crap they have. I also realize that they probably don’t like me calling their treasures crap. One man’s crap in another man’s hoarding symptom…or something like that. They have too much stuff!

Anyway, cleaning out her room it’s a pretty darn good thing that I realized this wasn’t a stuffed animal.


The way I was cleaning out and throwing away she could’ve easily wound up in the rubbish bin. That may or may not be Ray’s secret wish. It’s a good thing she’s so cute.

I also realized that following her two sisters Bria officially has more dress up clothes than real dresses.


I should be ashamed to admit these first world problems.

Now if I ever get around to cleaning their bathroom, I think I’ll realize I need a haz-mat suit. It’s sort of the equivalent of discovering kids are completely disgusting little creatures. Good thing I love them anyway!