When I brought Haole home, she was tiny. I was told she was already 3 months old and wouldn’t get much bigger. Um. “They” were wrong. She is smaller than Tucker but much bigger than the lap dog I was expecting. She is all puppy and makes life interesting. Ray would say aggravating but potatoes/potatoes. It’s all in how you say it. (How did you read potatoes/potatoes?)

So Haole is a bit like a toddler right now shoving everything she can find in her mouth. Two days ago I heard Ray say, “Why is there a snail on the rug?…Haole!!!!” Have you seen the snails here?

If you know the size of my feet, you know that thing is HUGE!

There are sticks, leaves and my favorite, lava rocks left all over our floors. I dare say stepping on one of those is worse than stepping on a Lego in the middle of the night. Ouch!

Yesterday I got home to find her chewing on something. I grabbed thinking maybe she found an old piece of coral. Nope.

The dumb dog was gnawing on her own tooth. Gross. Why yes I did take a picture. Grosser!

I guess she’s officially a Stiff redneck with summer teeth. You know, summer here…summer there. We’ve all got a little touch of Redneck around here.

Then there are times that she chooses to mimic the best dog in the world. (Yes, I play favorites with the animals.) It gives me a little hope that Tucker will one day teach all of us to be as regal as he is.

A girl can dream…