This guy… the one that is totally obsessIMG_0039ed with all things Infinity and Big Hero 6…the one that tried to lead singing at church the last two Sundays…the one who was VERY upset that I didn’t prepare a home lunch for him this morning because I’m out of bread…and cheese…and fruit… and I’ll stop with the grocery list… he’s due to have his eyes checked tomorrow. Jack is actually due for lots of checks. I think I avoid them out of laziness and deep desperation for him to be a normal kid. Anyway, another eye check tomorrow. He LOVES Dr. Young. I’m sure Jack will be excited to fill him in on Baymax. It still makes this Mama’s heart a little nervous about what we’ll hear. If you think about it, say a little prayer for all of us tomorrow that we stay on the right track. I’m sure a trip to the Disney Store will be in order when we’re finished.