My day started this morning with Bria screaming that we forgot real shoes. In Hawaii that basically means tennis shoes. There was an evacuation drill at school. Of course it wasn’t a PE day for the littles so that meant a rushed trip home for socks and sneakers.

Jack wasn’t a fan of school today because he spent the day with me yesterday. Ray thinks I spend every day on the computer or surfing. It’s a little closer to the truth than I care to admit. (Not the surfing part. I don’t get to go that often.) Jack thinks I go to the eye doctor and then shopping to the Disney Store and the Lego Store. He was pretty keen on a celebratory lunch too.


After yesterday, school didn’t seem like a great idea and Wednesday was starting to feel a whole lot like a Monday to both of us. (sigh)

It was off to my Bootcamp class even though I felt like an elephant is sitting on my chest and there must be tampons shoved up my nose. I just haven’t found them yet. It’s that or I have the cold Arleigh was nursing last week. Okay, it’s just a cold. It was also my trainers birthday and there was a promise of 42 burpees in honor of her special day. I’ll be 42 this year but burpees are not on my wish list thank you very much! I suffered through and kept reminding myself it’s her birthday you have to try.

I’m getting to the point. I returned home a hot mess, literally and figuratively! That is how I came to be reduced to this.


I promised Bria that we would walk home from school today. After Bootcamp and a walk up and down that hill and those two little pills, I’m pretty sure a slight fever was breaking. It was just in time for me to sit in a carline waiting for Arleigh, Hanan and Kiana. We got there early and the air was on. I warned the little people of the monster lurking under the surface and asked them to keep it down. That’s when it happened…

I’m pretty sure I fell asleep at the front of the car line. I wasn’t just asleep. I was passed completely out, mouth slack, drool a solid possibility. I heard the click of the sliding door when Hanan hopped into the van. I nearly jumped out of my skin!

So that’s what I’ve been reduced to. I
sent Ray a text telling him what I thought happened. He sent this text back “Hey! Look it! Auntie’s sleepin’!”

Yep. That’s me sleepin’ Auntie! Guess I have to get to work now.