Today was a long, crazy, happy, rushed sort of normal day. The point is, I wasn’t at home. In fact until late in the afternoon I wasn’t home. Imagine that. I didn’t get home until much later than usual with the deliver dinner for a new baby and find water bottles and Jack’s eye appointment and some much needed retail therapy.

So, you can imagine my surprise when I turned on my DVR to watch Supernatural (don’t judge) after the little people were tucked into bed and saw something called “The Secret Door.”

My first thought was Arleigh was watching a Hallmark Channel movie and recorded the end to watch after she got home from babysitting. My first thought was, as usual, WRONG!

Curiosity killed the cat or started the recording… It was, I believe a Japanese murder mystery with subtitles and everything…


It got better with the commercials.


You’ll have to take my word for it.

I started to interrogate accuse question the witnesses children. They had the perfect culprit. Straight out of Arleigh’s mouth, “It had to be Tye!”

Well played, brother of mine. Well played. I know I’ve heard that the dead can speak through the living through electronics but I have no idea what you might be saying… Except for your usual “quit taking it all so seriously.” I hear you. Now let me get on with my Supernatural. (I said don’t judge!)