I maybe a little bit crazy. There was that whole up at 6 in the morning to make Thanksgiving dinner for 23 people, clean the house, pick up the yard, etc. (It was pot luck so not so bad. I need a little cheese with my wine.) I feel like I didn’t stop until little people were in bed and the house was reasonably picked up. I sat on the lanai caught my breath and then… We went shopping.

I left my house around 10. This moment was captured around 2 a.m.


My big kids were stoked to be out so late…until they weren’t. Pretty bad when they say they’re ready to go home before the old lady.

I have a few thoughts. First, I have awesome kids. They walked around excited without whining, genuinely happy to be allowed the privilege. Don’t get me wrong, toward the end they wore down and were ready for the car. They had great attitudes unlike a few of the teens that were in line around me.

I was shocked at how entitled a few of them acted. Yes, I was eavesdropping. That Bath and Body Works line was a little tight. In fact, let me say I recognized some girls in line in front of me. They were sweet and polite and gracious. The child behind me… well, at the very least she needed to be sent home IMMEDIATELY! She was insistent that they would go _______ and purchase_________. My expect my kids to ask me to do something, not tell me. My girls were browsing together while I waited in the never ending line. I noticed the girls in front of me were asking their Mom if they could go to whatever store. Mom said yes. They said thank you. Everyone was smiling and having fun. Behind me the teen was getting almost belligerent with her list of places to go and things to buy. Mom was suggesting that they slow down, check the funds, etc. they were both mad as hornets.

Anyway my short story is getting long. I pointed out to my girls that it is so nice to be out with them having a good time because they were being kind and respectful of me and each other. If they had acted like the holy terror behind me in line for at least 20 minutes, our next stop would be home and the next Black Friday, that’s where they would be.

Another observation…I saw no pushing and grabbing or blocking people off. There was lots of aloha. Maneuvering carts so people could get through, hanging out laughing in long lines. It is a much different Black Friday experience here considering all the different cultures. I will miss it.