Mom has come and gone. We miss her already. My new year hasn’t started because the kids are still not back to school. I promise more posts when they are. 

What brought me back to the computer is this guy…


He is quite possibly one of the most irritating animals on the planet. So much trouble this one! But we love him and he’s missing. We got the call the day Mom left, so Sunday, the 4th. Max has run off before. I roll my eyes and say, “he’ll be back.” I honestly thought he was mad at Ely, the house sitter and he would run to his Mama as soon as she got there. Sadly, I was wrong. 

Apparently Max wasn’t acting like himself the night before. In spite of Ely’s best efforts, he’s no where to be found. 

Max is a small white shit-zhu with markings on his ears and around his eyes. He’s grumpy if you try to pick him up. He hasn’t been neutered. He wasn’t wearing a collar. (Yell at Grandma not me. I seriously have filed several missing dog reports. I could literally hear the eye rolls through the phone and took a couple of scoldings for her. Good thing I have tough skin and I’m on an island far away.) According to reports from the last couple of people who saw him, he’s also extremely dirty. 

If you are in the Mayfield/Murray area, please keep your eyes open. It’s cold and getting colder and we are worried about my little buddy that I affectionately call the turd.