With two dogs and four kids you have no idea what I’m going to talk to you about do you? Tee hee. I will at least promise no poop pictures. You never know with me. Remember this post? I’m apparently an all out believer in TOO MUCH INFORMATION!

Any hoo… I can all out obsess over things like the fact that I’ve emailed multiple people about homes available in July only to hear “No pets…” and I continue to look even knowing Ray will be there in March. Yeah. I decided better to get up and get busy on that long list I posted yesterday and we were in desperate need of a poop patrol in my back yard. 

It’s hard to keep your mind on lists of things that need to be done when other things are running through your head. Things like…

“Is he sick?”

“What the heck is that?” 

“Is there seriously a mongoose living back here?” 

“How many nerf bullets can this dog eat in one sitting?”

“Holy crap!” 

You get the idea. Seriously, Haole needs to stop snacking on nerf bullets. I start wondering if I can still read the message written on the side after she’s “done” with it. Gross! In other news…with so much dog business in the back yard you would think other animals would be afraid to tread there. Still, there is the obvious cat poop. They must be wandering down the hill… Then there’s mongoose poop. I have to clean the gecko poop off the handle of my shovel. Seriously. Gecko poop is the worst. It’s like cement. What kind of bugs are they eating exactly? Then there’s the grody dogs. I think I have to stop feeding them so much. 

Aren’t you glad I decided to stop obsessing? I’ll leave you with one of my favorite sunsets. Maybe you’ll be under the delusion that island living doesn’t involve so much crap…or maybe not?