I just looked at my calendar. So much for any resolutions about writing more often. Is it really Thursday? Can I just make time stand still for a second? In that second, my house would get clean, the laundry would be done, my kids would be happy and loving and not fighting, Grandma would be here, I would be surfing and Ray could actually join me for once. I’d take a day on a SUP…Sigh…

Why does “Back to life…back to reality…” keep getting stuck in my head. 

Here’s my Thursday update.

  • Max has been found!
    • Imagine getting an email in Hawaii asking if he is still missing and less than a half hour later Mom is calling to tell me he’s home! 

  • The dog literally Arleigh’s homework.
    • Well, her neck strap. She left her saxophone in her floor with the case open. I found the neck strap broken in the back yard. Lucky for me I have a husband how apparently paid attention in home ec or something because he stitched it back together. I still need to buy a new one but my sweet husband bought me some time.
  • Bria is on a “I need a little sister so I can buy her peek-a-bug stuff because I’m too old for it” kick. Good think I have these two to keep me busy while the kids are at school or I might be on board with her plan. 

  • When Jack was asked about Bria’s little sister plan his response was, “but I need a little brother from China.” I don’t think Ray is onboard with either plan. 
  • Speaking of Jack, since Christmas he has been amazing us with his lego skills. After helping him with one set, he said he wanted to do it himself. He went off to his room and came back with a fully functioning dump truck. Since Christmas, all the sets have been disassembled and he’s making up what he wants to build. Each time someone visits from the mainland they are always taken aback by his progress. It is noticeable when months pass between personal interactions with him. This time, Mom was here for an extended time. She was noticing things change during her stay. It wasn’t just improved lego building. Phrases and interactions are getting better. He is even developing a sense of humor and trying to tease other people. It was nice to have that perspective. (Come back Grandma!) 
  • I’m trying to find the balance between obsessing over the upcoming move, soaking Hawaii up while we are still here and getting my everyday tasks done. Most days I fail miserably at all three. 
  • After looking at our schedule…Regular band, honor band, three kids playing soccer with practices lined up for three nights a week, one night with all three playing in two different locations, cheer, and Hanan is going to be Rapunzel in the school production of “Into the Woods” which comes with an INSANE rehearsal schedule, we made the difficult decision to take a break from piano. The traffic too and from often meant an hour and a half in the car and two hours at piano. I literally felt a weight leave my shoulders. However, I will miss the 2 hours with my iPad and the Miss Momoko stories. Someday I’ll tell the story of Grandma, Momoko and the Chinese curse. 
  • We have another cabin booked soon. I can’t wait. It also happens to be on the beach where I like to surf. I’m now obsessing trying to decide if I dare take a board out without the instructor. Yikes!
  • Did I mention Hanan was awarded the role of Rapunzel in “Into the Woods” for her school production? Yes, but it’s worth mentioning again. It’s a big deal. She’s one of the younger cast members. She’ll even be singing. We’re pretty excited. (Come back Grandma!) 
  • Christmas was great. The break was long. We’re rested and back at it. I’m determined to lock down a better more diligent schedule for all of us. I sort of have to with all the stuff on the list. Blogging will find it’s way into the mix because I’ve missed it. 

Any updates from the peanut gallery?