I might have bitten off more than I can chew the first part of our long weekend but it’s paying off in spades now. This is my view from our cabin at White Plains…


Don’t hate me.

Our weekend started with a Frozen sleepover. I promised Bria she could have a sleepover with 2 of her friends over Christmas Break. One fever and a couple of reschedules to get all three girls together and Friday was winner winner chicken dinner. In my latest attempt to procure a better nursing home in the future, I made this for breakfast.



All that on a day when Hanan had a basketball game to get to and Bria had a later than usual soccer game. To top it off the new coach wanted us there an hour prior to the game. (We’re used to 15 minutes before.) Add on the bonus of extra traffic and one closed road and Hingis just got crazy. I called in reinforcements. Thank you Noelle!

Bria had her first game with the Dolphins. It was bittersweet because we switched teams. Luckily Bria’s BFF Katey switched with us or I would’ve been in serious trouble. I haven’t downloaded those pictures yet.

Back home we were also getting ready for about 15 kids to arrive for a little post birthday celebration. They started straggling in at 3:30 and didn’t straggle out until after 10. Tired doesn’t cover it but I love these kids!



And eating is about all they do.


It was around this point that I looked up and said to Ray, “Check it out. There are about 16 kids sitting in the floor and only 3 of them are white.” Four of them are mine. You do the math. (Don’t get your knickers in a twist it’s a Hawaii thing and I happen to think it’s fabulous!)

After finally getting to bed we made it to church on time this morning. Shortly after arriving I realized I’ve been a lesson off in the class I teach. I introduced myself to a lady that I thought was a visitor. She proceeded to inform me that she’s been attending since 1967. During worship service I also drug a wailing 7-year old out to discipline her. I guess we’ve all had a little too much partying after the long weekend. At 0 for 3, I gave up.

I guess that makes where I am now a little bit sweeter. Ray booked a cabin months ago. It’s quiet and rather secluded. I keep asking him what a little surf shack would cost right on the water.

It’s hard to beat the sunsets.


The stars shine a little brighter here. I can listen to the waves crash. We ate supper together on the lanai just after the sunset. All is right with the world. The kids are tucked in and Ray is napping while I listen to the waves crash.

I am officially spoiled. I’m pretty sure I’m so far past the point of rotten that there must be an awful stench. I’m okay with it. I’ve found the aloha spirit and I hope it hangs with me forever.