I was completely ready to come back and start talking about beaches and cabins and birthday parties. I opened my news browser before I logged into the blog. Oh my word I’m mad. 

Yes, I’m mad! Is it because our president wants to tax 529 plans? Well, yes that irritates me but surely it will never pass. Why will I be taxed for preparing to send my kids to college? Just repeat with me, “It won’t pass. It won’t pass. Find your aloha. It won’t pass.” No. What I’m really mad about is the controversy about American Sniper. 

In full disclosure, I haven’t seen it yet. I may be seeing it tonight I’m so fired up. Ray has been talking about wanting to do see it since before it’s release. Honestly, I didn’t want to. Tye loved Chris Kyle. Tye loved him almost to the point of worshiping him. So there’s that. There’s something else I don’t talk about very often. My dad was a sniper. I wasn’t sure I could handle watching that movie even though it was 2 different wars. So when I see things like this

I find it offensive. He is comparing a true story about a service member to Nazi propaganda. Excuse me? 

I honestly expect to see things like this…


Both gentlemen have said that their tweets were, well,  taken out of context? Rogen said he was commenting on something reminding him of something else but not comparing the two. Moore said it wasn’t a reference to American sniper. 

So I feel like they just dissed my Dad. My Dad who as an adult I realize had flashbacks all the time. My Dad who had full cans of coke thrown at him when he came home. My Dad who went so others wouldn’t have to. My dad who was in a war basically alone because someone gave him that job. Someone said you’re a good shot, here’s what you have to do and he did it well. I’m mad!

I grew up knowing that I would never ever see a Jane Fonda movie. I never had a real desire to see one of Michael Moore’s. I like Seth Rogen’s movies, most of the time. While he’s no Jane Fonda, it will be a long time before I have the desire to pay for one of his movies again. 

Here are a few of my favorite heroes. None of them are cowards.