I think writing a post about being like a child must be like praying for patience. You pray for patience, you’re tested until you can prove your patience… 

Things were going swimmingly this morning. We were better than on time. We were EARLY! The calendar is clean. I know what’s happening for the rest of the day. Then I heard something from someone that made my blood boil to the point that I wanted to lash out, at least call them on it. Grandma says, “But Brandi, you just can’t fix stupid.” My response, “no, but I really want to punch it in the face.” Sigh. So much for being like a child. (Audible sigh.)

My friend Christine told me once that maybe I need a private diary instead of a blog. She may have been right but getting things off my chest in such a public way is gratifying. Still, I really have no right to insert my frustration into this particular situation. I thought I’d do a little internet research. That always helps. Right?

I got the answer right off the bat. “Sit down and think about it.”

I might need to sit the puppy at a computer and say “Sit down and blog about it but you get the idea.” I’m feeling better already.

Apparently it’s a common theme.

This one hits a little close to home…

This just made me laugh. Maybe there’s something wrong with me?

Because yes… I’m mean it’s not good to hold onto it right?


This could almost make me forget I’m mad. I don’t think I’m this angry.

Okay. So I’m back to the original theory. Sit and think about it… I just changed it to sit and click through memes for 10 minutes. Careful though. There are lots of naughty things on the internet. I really do feel better already.

What do you do when you get mad? ( I also realize prayer is an option. I just needed to calm down first…)