On the rare occasion that I’m in the van alone with Ray I always say, “It’s too quiet.” With four kids and two dogs that love to be in the car, there is ALWAYS something going on. I thought I would give you a sampling of the things I hear beyond the typical, “Be quiet. No! Turn on the radio. I’m hot. Turn on the air. It’s freezing. Turn off the air. Can we roll the windows down? Bria quit. Hanan is looking at me. Where’s the blue tooth? Can we listen to my phone?…”You get the idea. Being in the car with a bunch of Stiffs can get pretty funny. 

We’ve been looking at cars. “Mom, you can’t buy an Odyssey. There are chemical gases in the air bags. If they come out, they’ll make you go to sleep.” “Um, if you’re in an accident maybe you’ll want to go to sleep.” 

“He’s so bae.” “No!” “What does that even mean.” “Arleigh thinks he’s cute Mom!” “I thought bae means poop in Danish.” “Bah hahahhahaha!” (It’s also bye in Icelandic but whatever.)

Sorry Arleigh…

“Her butt is in my face!” “Nu uh! You put your face in her butt!” Dear reader, I’ll let you decide if she was talking about a puppy or a child because that’s just how we roll. 

“Ugh! Stop farting.” “Everybody farts.” “Even the dog would disturb Grandma.” 

And all of that is just on the way to school. You can imagine what on the way home is like. I know one day I’m really going to miss it.