Monday is creeping to a halt. It began with me leaving my bootcamp class over Jack’s bloody nose. While I’m sure that is an entire Facebook post on it’s own, I think I’ll just let that sleeping dog lie. It has been one long teacher inservice Monday and an even longer day for Ray who is currently camped out in his office. I thought I would get a jump on tomorrow’s post. Sadly I’m at a loss for words. I know… weird. 

I was thinking earlier that I am totally turning into my mother. There has to be a blog post in there somewhere. As I sat in one of the many car lines this afternoon I crawled through my Facebook messages, my texts and recalled a couple of recent conversations looking for proof of my hypothesis. It suddenly came to me. Why try to drum up more words when I can play a little game? I thought I’d write down a few things that have been said, messaged or sent via text and you can decide whose mouth it came from, mine or my mother’s. Good luck. We are seriously starting to be the same person…

  • These little white boys posing like they’re thugs and their mamas posting those pictures…
  • It was just a bunch of old women!
  • I think you should just feel sorry for her.
  • She was so funny in first grade she could’ve been Ramona.
  • Now that I have children Ramona isn’t very cute.
  • I’m doing nothing. That’s what I do when I don’t understand. 
  • The school colors are orange and blue. I think I just died a little. 
  • She is just acting like a witch. She thinks the world revolves around her when it clearly revolves around me.
  • Jimmy Fallon is so cute. 
  • Did you see Jimmy Fallon?
  • I can’t stay awake for Jimmy Fallon.
  • I shared that video of Jimmy Fallon.
  • You figured out how to share a Jimmy Fallon video but you can’t post in your status bar? (Ok. I gave you two.)
  • I just don’t understand…
  • I don’t understand…
  • It just doesn’t make sense…
  • I don’t know why…

You get the idea. Feel free to guess away in the comments section.