I may have whined about the fact that mentioned we’re moving. Preparations have begun. The house search has commenced. We think we have one and that is HUGE right now since we have to turn our dates  yesterday pretty soon. The logistics of moving from an island in the Pacific to the east coast with four kids and two animals are, well let’s just say daunting. Plus, there are 6 different opinions about what our summer should look like. There is an upcoming concert that the big girls don’t want to miss. Transportation alone makes my brain hurt…badly. Buying and selling vehicles, which one, when what gets shipped are all questions I have to answer. And the animals… Haole needs a crate. They both need a check up. How do I travel until we have a house with four kids and 2 dogs? Sigh…

One of the happy little bonuses I have about any move is creating a new space for our little family. This time, I will have lots of furniture coming out of storage. There are things like a bedroom suit, kitchen table, etc. that will need to find a place. The big girls have very definitive ideas about their rooms. Bria is pretty go with the flow as long as she is allowed to keep developing her hoarding skills. Then there is Jack. Jack who rarely asks for anything because

  • He has no idea what to ask for.
  • He has little expectations of receiving anything.
  • He has trouble communicating when he does want something.

Poor little Jack has a bed that I bought at a pack out sale. Granted it’s a Lightening McQueen bed and that was his hero when I purchased it. He had been sleeping a toddler bed that Ray made for him before his race car bed. Jack never thinks to ask for much. We’ve been talking about the move. I have no intention of moving Lightening McQueen with us. I asked him what kind of room he wanted. Jack, the boy who never speaks has created a list. 

  1. A superhero room.
  2. A green bed like the hulk.
  3. Superhero sheets (preferably marvel heros…how he knew to ask for marvel is anyone’s guess but I’m thinking it’s Arleigh.)
  4. A desk for homework. 

Well, I to say I freaked out became concerned with his green bed request might be a little bit of an understatement. I have to say, after thinking about it and looking at bedding options and considering the number of beds we have in the house to work with, I think we can make it work. Arleigh and Hanan are tired of their bunk beds. Hanan wants an antique bedroom suit that was my Mammaw’s and is currently in storage. Arleigh wants a new full bed but one her Daddy can build. I was going to sell the bunk beds. Since I already have the mattresses for the bunk beds, I think we’ll paint it green. These are the sheets Mr. Jack has in mind. 

Are you paying attention Grandma? Someone has a birthday next month and he needs 2 sets…hint hint. 

He found this bed with a little help from his mother and his sisters. He’s in love.

I think I may try to mod page comics to the white chair. I can only take so much Hulk. Jack has already mentioned a pillow…

I think I’ve created a decor monster. I’m not sure if it’s me or Jack. Arleigh, where’s your desk chair?