I had a really lovely day yesterday. I was one of the few people in the world to ever step foot on the world’s largest sea-based x-band radar platform, AKA The Deathstar, AKA God’s golfball, AKA the Pearl of the Pacific. I was there with friends. It was a really good day, until is wasn’t. 

I am sad and disappointed and apparently very vague when talking about things that happened yesterday. Don’t you love it when people start talking about things on a social platform and then say, “I’m really not at liberty to discuss…” or “For legal purposes…” I hate it too. And yet, I can’t stop the words from coming out of my mouth flowing from my finger tips. The truth is, as Mama always says…If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything. So here we are. With a blog. And the need to speak. And a muzzle. Good times people. Good times. Don’t worry. I often find ways to chew through a muzzle. I just don’t feel like it today. 

I’ve decided not to say anything. The truth always has a way of coming out anyway. Instead, I hope you’ll enjoy one of my more popular posts. (Thank you Pinterest.) Feel free to repin. It has been three years after all…


Repurposed Window

Posted by  on February 3, 2012 in Ramblings | 2 comments

Years ago, two newly weds bought a house that they thought would always be way too huge for their family. That would be us. We labored on that house with love. Funny thing is, that huge house  means we have to share space now when if we ever move back. Still, that house that sits in Kempsville was a labor of love. We jacked up concrete that was two feet deep, ripped out every bathroom and laid an insane amount of tile. We painted and repainted when I changed my mind on a whim. Huge built ins were created and suddenly it became our home. You should also note that when I say we, in most cases I mean Ray. I was always a willing helper supervisor. Can you tell I miss being in the home I own…and walls that aren’t gold?

One of the last things we completed (and I did help a little by standing still and holding things) was to replace all the old windows. I was so tired of junk, I just wanted to get rid of everything. Ray decided to save the biggest picture window in the house. That sucker is huge. I couldn’t imagine what on earth I would do with it. Then I saw a picture somewhere of an old window on a mantle. We moved into our new digs for a short stint. There was a mantle. There were also huge ceilings that would accommodate the height of the window. There was also a huge hole to hide the back of television. I mean huge. The window looked silly perched in front of it. So did everything else we could think of. Mom was here. We were brainstorming. Ask any one of us, we all take credit for the big idea… one big picture. I was planning in my head how on earth I could take a picture that was square with all three girls (Jack wasn’t around yet) and not block an important expression or facial feature with a window pain. Then I remembered the picture I snapped at my brother’s wedding. Ray tweaked it. He found an online site to order canvases for businesses and asked them to put the picture on a canvas just slightly bigger than the window. This was the most cost effective thing we did. The canvas was huge and it cost less than $100.

The canvas arrived and it was perfect. I also got a bonus canvas for the bathroom for free. Always great. We cleaned the window, stretched the canvas and I held it while Ray stapled it into the frame. It’s pretty perfect.

There are times when we’ve had to move it, sitting in front of the window, it is really stunning because the light shines through it. I know it will ruin the canvas but I’ve seriously considered backlighting it to create the same effect.

Just call me Uncle Hailey because I’m pretty sure I’ve blogged about this before. That was before the invention of Pinterest. Like it? Pin it please. I need all the traffic I can get.

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