I talk about Bria and her BFF Katey a lot. When I was Bria’s age, my buddy Lori lived almost as close as Katey. She was a wheat field away. We could often be found walking through that overgrown field to play all day. There were clubhouses built in old tobacco barns, hopscotch marks laid out on uneven lines in the path in front of her porch and all sorts of mischief to get into. Lori moved to Nashville for a while and then back home as I went into high school. She had her driver’s license long before I did and I was always more than happy to tag along. Her first baby was born when I was a sophomore in college. She’s just sort of always been around. Unfortunately, I haven’t always been. I got married and moved to the ends of the earth. I bump into her every now and then on our brief visits home but I haven’t really been able to catch up with her in, well 20 years or so. Am I that old? Don’t answer that!

This week I was pretty excited to hear that she was visiting my little island. I was even more excited when she asked to hang out with us for a bit. She probably had no idea what she was biting off since we are thick in the middle of soccer/honor band/play practice. Bless her. She’s a pretty good sport considering her kids are grown.

In the short time she was with me I decided that she needed to get acquainted with my little spot here on the island. We started with shave ice.

I think maybe she’s a fan.

Then there was a brief Ford Island tour to share some of the rich history of Pearl Harbor.

The next day I managed to get her over to the Mac Nut farm where she literally got a taste of Hawaii. Fresh shaved coconut!

Of course there was also the obligatory fire dance, movie lot tour and ride out is a huge barracuda-filled fish pond. 

We finished up her brief visit with soccer practice. You can’t visit the Stiffs without a little soccer! Then we ate some local grub. 

I hope she wasn’t too disturbed with way we inhale a Kalua pig sandwich…soccer makes us hungry!

It was a great visit.  I’m so glad we got the opportunity to catch up. Aloha Lori! Come again soon.