This morning Mom asked me to work on a project for her. Her project included pouring over literally thousands of pictures to find one of her house. It makes me miss my babies. Of course having big kids is fun too. I remember a time when I thought texting was… Well not my thing. Right now, it’s one more way I can communicate with my sweet girls. 

Of course, if someone ever finds my phone they might question our level of communication.

There’s me trying to be funny.

She didn’t find it that amusing. Yes, I saw it on the Internet and stole it.

They are however amused when I mess up.

They also ❤️ the occasional I sympathize with you that math is from the devil joke. Ray doesn’t understand these.

If I didn’t have teens teaching me that texting is fun I wouldn’t get lovely gems like this from my friends.

Even better is when Ray gets involved.

Maybe I should explain. I thought I maybe pinched or pulled something. I had a hard time sleeping the night before. It was all totally worth it to pick up Arleigh from school and her first words were, “Mom, why is Dad asking about my butt?” I think I got a “you’re so weird…”

We also had our share of dress memes going back and forth last week. This was my favorite.

Tell me I’m not the only one with weird stuff on my phone. If I could only pull up some old texts from Tye…