Oh my. Where has the time gone? Since my last post we’ve had old friends visit. I can’t tell you how much I love them. I want to be Miss Gayle when I grow up! Ray had a virus. He shared with me. I didn’t know he shared it with me and I hiked a ridge. About the time I hit the virus wall Bria started puking. Good times. Seriously. Good times. She missed a much anticipated field trip. Sigh. Then spring break started. We hiked a falls trail while a hacked up…um never mind. Then we surfed. I wasn’t missing surfing. There was an off day where we met with movers and another hike and a pool day and a famDSCF0582ily field trip to the aquarium.

Since then, I’ve been preoccupied. Did I mention we won’t be on the island forever? I have four kids going into three schools. One kid with special needs, three that have been playing soccer, they need a new piano teacher, one kid might be joining marching band and all this is happening 6 hours ahead of me. I’ve talked to three schools. Two were nice. One wasn’t impressive. Band boosters have a direct line to my email. Sigh. Our move shifted to the right meaning our things won’t get there before us or even with us. I refuse to let up on my own personal time table out of pure stubbornness. I mean really, 6 weeks should be enough time right. (Even though you’ve been telling me 8 weeks this whole dang time.) Why can’t the movers get with my needed schedule? 

So the blog has been neglected. Partly because of my preoccupation partly because of a certain group with a certain list of people to terrorize. There’s the other part of this story…

I love to write my thoughts and document our daily misadventures. It’s my outlet. It’s also a door for some pretty evil people to have access to my family. So over the next week I’ll be summing up. I’m honestly not sure where the future of this little blog will go. As much as I love my outlet and my ego loves to hear people tell me they read it, it’s not worth putting my family at risk. My safe little island is leaving me. It’s back to the real world soon. Here’s just one story for Hawaii News Now since I’m being vague. 

Thoughts? I’d love to hear them. I’ll just be hanging out here playing in the Pacific while I still can.