Happy Prince Kuhio day! The week after spring break everything in Hawaii shuts down for Prince Kuhio day.while the good prince and his history is worthy of a blog post, it’s a princess I want to talk about. 

I took the kids + 1 to see Cinderella today. Yeah, yeah we all know the story. Don’t we all want to be the mysterious beautiful girl walking into the ball?


Admit it. You do just a bit. 

When it comes to my girls, I’ve encouraged my princesses to be more like the Paper Bag Princess than the original Disney cartoons waiting for a prince to rescue them. I want them to slay their own dragons and do for themselves. 

Lately I’ve noticed that in the entitled world we live in I have been stressing service and love to them over conquering the world. (Bria is on her own program. I’m not sure how much I can do there.) Ray has been telling them for years that our family mantra is “Be good. Do good.” 

I was so impressed today with this movie. Cinderella was not just lying down and letting her evil stepmother run over her. It was respect and honor, love and forgiveness that saw her through. I don’t want to spoil the movie but I will share with you a wonderful lesson to be learned. “Have courage and be kind. Always.” If there is another lesson, it’s to forgive. 

Oh my I’m all about be courageous. I probably pride myself a little too much on setting that example for my kiddos. Sometimes I even forget the use your head rule because I’m so busy proving that nothing scares me. Ahem. I do try to be kind but I’ll admit I’m not always kind to the people that irritate me. Forgive… I say I do but is that really true when no one holds a grudge like I do? I say okay, I forgive you but I’m not going to trust you. I’m not saying that’s totally what happened in the movie. I can honestly say that an impression was made on me at the end. There are people that I want to look at dead in the eye and say, “I forgive you.” No, I was never locked in a tower or forced into servant hood but it would be nice to say I know you wronged me and it’s okay. I’m moving on now. On the other hand, who would want to say that to me? Yikes!

Anyway… The movie was good. I’m going to try to remember to have courage, be kind and forgive. I hope my children grow up to be just like Cinderella. Maybe one day I will too.