I promised I would back up and tell you all about our Spring Break Staycation. There seems to be a vortex sucking up my days. The house is blessedly quiet for a Friday morning at 6:30. No school for Good Friday and all four kiddos are sleeping soundly. I dreamt of boxes and paper and cleaning a house when a vacuum cleaner is packed. No fooling I really did. Sleep eludes me. So there is nothing better to do than sit here and tell you about a really great hike.

Just before Spring Break I joined my spouse group for a hike up the Kuli’ou’ou Ridge Trail. It’s just on the other side a Waikiki from me. It was one of those crazy mornings. I had a hard time getting everyone out the door and my gear packed and how wonderful…I was out of gas both literally and figuratively. Lucky for a me a friend offered to drive. We were supposed to car pool. I parked the Mom Mobile and climbed in for the ride.

The views from the trail are stunning.


When we came out of the clearing I could see from Koko Head to Diamond Head. I was also starting to break into a cold sweat. The week before Ray returned from Virginia with a nasty little bug. He says I wasn’t a good nurse. I told him I’m never a good nurse. I also thought his was made worse by jet lag. It was about this section of the trail that I realized I probably had his little bug too. The fact that it was freezing but sweat was pouring off of me like I was in a sauna was my first clue. The body aches weren’t helping but I was so close to the top…

Up until this point I had been thinking that Bria and Jack could handle the hike. Um. That’d be a no for Jack. If going up looks like a beast, you should’ve seen the coming down portion of our hike. There was only one stumble. I don’t think it drew much blood. Operative word being blood and thank goodness it wasn’t me because it usually is.

At the top, we had some fun with this sign. You could see bird s%&* island. (Yes, that’s the name but my mother reads this and Arleigh complains when the blog is blocked on her phone.) Turtle island, rabbit island, the Mokes, Diamond Head and Koko Head were all there. It is amazing. It was also really cloudy. I guess I’ll have to go back. 

A little yoga is never a bad things.

We had fun.

And then headed back down before the rain came. 

It was a good day.

See, still smiling even though I just wanted to lay down for a week.