When I venture back home to that Bourbon State of Mind Kentucky my mother, bless her, sort of monopolizes my time. Don’t get me wrong, she doesn’t fuss at all if I tell her I’m leaving for a girls’ night…as long as I leave my children behind. So when I go home, I don’t see everyone that I used to hang with. By the time I see my family and a handful of people at church, the only time I have left is to hope I happen to bump into you at the Wal-Mart. That’s why I get so excited when someone comes to me. That means I get to monopolize their time on my little island. Like mother like daughter and all that jazz. 

Yesterday, Ray and I got to catch up with some hoalohas (friends, you know I had to throw some Hawaiian in there while I still can) from high school. John and Ray graduated together. Shelly and I ran around together, well for as long as I can remember until we ended up in different colleges and I left our little town for navy life. She drove me around in that red Cavalier of hers more times than I can count. Honestly, I don’t know how on God’s green earth she put up with fifteen-year old me. 

Anyway, we got to tour the base and Ford Island with the Hodges ohana. We had lunch and sent them off to tour the Arizona. I wish I was as good as Mom at monopolizing time. (Just kidding Mom!) They were on a family vacation and generously let us crash their party for a few hours. The great thing about old hoalohas is that in more than twenty years not much has changed.


Well maybe the hair… and the wrinkles and the… okay. Only Shelly’s hair has changed. I swear she looks exactly like she did when she graduated high school. She never told me her secret though. 

Thanks for a brief moment Hodges! Aloha!