Do you ever tell your child her tummy probably hurts because she ate too many pickles only to hear, “It was only 5 pickles mom.” Not pickle slices, full on baby cucumber kosher dill pickles and a certain seven-year old ate 5 because she thought the jar was almost empty. 

Do you ever eat well past your full only to prevent a sibling from having the honor of getting the last one? Apparently my kids do. 

Do you ever look and look and look for a junior sized party dress for your daughter online so often that the sluttiest of ads pop up in your Facebook feed? Yeah, me either… Good grief. She’ll graduate from college before we find an appropriate dress that we can agree on.

Do you ever spend hours trying to detangle and adult sized Rapunzel wig and just give up before all the hair comes out and you are forced to purchase a new one but also have to consider it took forever for the one you ordered to arrive and the play is this weekend? Yeah… There’s that and the fact that there is a pile of synthetic hair in my floor. Good times. 

Do you ever convince your husband to purchase cheaper liquid detergent because the red dirt in Hawaii doesn’t come out of anything anyway? Well, I did. Let me tell you there’s a price to pay. Last night, Ray was trying to show me something and I heard a crash in the laundry room. I thought it might have something to do with a forty pound sopping wet wig. Nope. I had previously loosened the cap to allow more liquid to flow from the dispenser. The detergent decided to commit suicide, diving from the high wire shelf on top of the washer and then tumbling to a slow death on the floor spraying it’s vile blue gel on every surface in the room. It looked like someone had stood in the laundry room and thrown up blue gel liquid more than once. Because Ray was insisting on showing me something and I knew all four children were upstairs, I delayed running when I heard the boom. This slight delay allowed at least a half gallon of the oozing blue gel to leak behind the washer. In other news if the prior residents want their mail, we found it! Ray stood outside hosing off towels and rugs while I wiped down the walls, shelves, washer and floor. On the bright side, I don’t have to worry about my house smelling like animals. It’s surely going to smell like laundry until well after we move. 

Do you ever see oozing blue gel all over the place, think it looks like a crime scene and after you’ve cleaned half of it up think, “I really should’ve taken a picture.” If you have a blog it would have at least crossed your mind. 

Do you ever put Tide pods on your laundry list… cause I just did.

Do you ever sing Blue Skies and Rainbows at church? We see more than our share of rainbows here but it’s true that rainbows are often accompanied by gray skies not blue. Saturday was not a bad day. In fact, we had the most beautiful weather for soccer. We were for the most part not rushed for anything. It should have been fabulous. For whatever reason, I was a grump. There is so much on my mind right now. I was thinking of a friend who has also had gray skies lately. I was thinking about this blog post and how it could have in some ways been written by me. (Although, Jaime is a much better writer.) As I turned the corner to head  up the hill in Aiea, I decided to say a little prayer. I prayed for a friend that is heavy on my heart all the time these days with marriage struggles. I prayed for my friend that has been seeing gray skies everywhere and I prayed for my attitude. As I topped that little hill, I saw it. It’s one of the few I’ve seen here. Yes, I felt like it was just for me. 

It was a true blue sky with a brilliant rainbow running through it. I couldn’t see the rain. I raced to the top of the hill and behind the school so I could take a picture. 

Do you ever have a regular to do list a mile long and then have to add to it, family is visiting soon and oh yeah, movers are coming list? That’s mind today so I better get busy!