Tonight was Hanan’s final performance as Rapunzel in “Into The Woods, Jr.” So much to say… I could tell you how this was the perfect part for her to dip her toes into the drama pool. I could tell you that it takes a special kind of courage to perform and sing in front of an audience. I could tell you how proud I am because I think it takes even more courage to sing those high notes in front of your middle school friends. I could tell you about all the sweet friends and family members that came to support her. I’m not.

I’m going to tell you about the after party. Hanan joined the cast and crew and teachers and parents at Zippy’s after the show. I walked into a mad house. The line was out the door. The kids were sitting together laughing having a good time. I rushed the girls a bit because, well Nana, Uncle Mike and Aunt Sharon are here. We have church in the morning and I was tired. We couldn’t leave until everyone hugged and kissed my daughter.

I noticed how these kids…these middle school kids sincerely love and care for each other. As they hugged they joked about future plans. They pouted about the fact that Hanan wouldn’t be at next year’s performance and they congratulated each other. I love them!

So we were riding home late, talking about the night and Hanan said “Mom these people are good. They are like family. Do you think it will be like that when we move?” I told her that I wasn’t sure but with all the practice it would have to feel like family. She said, “but this is drama ohana. We pray before every performance. It won’t be like than on the mainland.” 

Sigh. I bet it won’t be like that either. What I wish I said…

I don’t what it will be like but we’ll find our place. These friends will always only be a cellphone away. We are going to hang onto these memories forever. We’re going to make new great memories too. We can’t compare the two being better or worse. It’s just different and we need to embrace it.

Now, in four months when school starts back, someone remind me I said that.