i left the house at 7:10 this morning. I stopped by the house for less than 5 minutes twice and for 10 minutes once over the course of the day. I finally parked the van at almost a quarter to nine. 

One child is upset that she is missing time with her friends before we move.

One child lost it after a not so great soccer practice.

One child slept through soccer practice in the car.

One child has been a little off at school to the point that even is aid is frustrated. 

So… There were blessings in the day that I need to count. 

I had some pretty cute dates at a retirement ceremony this afternoon.


It was a lovely celebration of a wonderful career. It was hard not to get teary eyed.

It was particularly hard for Jack. He just couldn’t hold the tears back especially when his mean mom told him to be still and stop eating candy during the national anthem and benediction that followed. Good times right there friends.

Now that Bria is a little bit older, we tooled around the USS Missouri for a minute and talked about treaties and the end of WWII. I suspected that she didn’t absorb much of that when we toured the Mighty MO with her cousins a couple of years ago. 

Jack isn’t dealing well with the prospect of moving. He stayed glued to me most of the time. Bria wanted to try her hand at artillery practice.

  And no visit would be complete without checking things out. We only had time for the officers’ ward rooms today and the plaque on the upper deck. 





 By the time we picked up the big kids and dropped them to get ready for soccer, we tried and failed to return the helium tank that was used to decorate the reception. Traffic here at 3 in the afternoon is just indescribable. So it was just a quick loop and we headed east for soccer. 

Bria slept through most of practice while Jack talked my ear off. Then we headed west with Hanan so very sad about her practice. Sigh.

We turned in the helium tank and the equation basically went like this…Mom wasn’t home all day + she’s tired + our aloha is diminished – dad who is off island + late soccer practice + errands on the west side of town after an east side soccer practice = Genki Sushi. That’s Arleigh’s kind of algebra. 

Before anyone asks, no Jack didn’t know how to use Chopsticks in China. He didn’t know how to eat with his fingers then much less chopsticks. He still prefers a shovel…I mean fork.

We made the best of our long tiring day and found our aloha even knowing tomorrow is just as busy.