We are officially back on the mainland…the continental United States…dare I say it, home. Let me just say I’ll take the traffic in Hawaii and driving with aloha over the DC rat race traffic any day of the week. Holy cow people! Drivers here are crazy aggressive and completely selfish. Tonight as we drove through a shopping center, stopping at each cross walk we noticed that pedestrians were shocked as we stopped. We aren’t in Hawaii anymore Toto.

We have the keys to our house. The kids are loving the backyard.  

They are also loving their Chick-Fil-A fix.

At some point during our move Jack asked if he would have friends in Virginia. It was a sad little moment for us because he doesn’t get outside as much as the girls do. He was really concerned at the time. I’m happy to say In less than 24 hours Jack and Aiden are trampoline jumping, fort climbing, Infinity playing, tire swinging buddies.

Ray and I have both picked up our new rides. I love my Pilot. I told the kids that she is helping me find my aloha. Arleigh said, “That should be here name!” Aloha it is. I’ll always know that I found my aloha hours after we landed.

Jet lag is the devil and the six hour time difference with Hawaii is his minion. I can’t find the right time to call or text my friends. 

Our household goods have been delayed until the end of the month. In spite of the fact that we packed out on May 11. I love our new to us house but it’s hard to get excited when my stuff is missing. It still doesn’t feel like home. 

So it’s been a while but I’m back and our adjustment and travels should provide plenty for me to write about. You can find our pictures under #findingouralohainVA on Instagram. 

Hopefully I’m headed for sweet dreams.